WPS Half Marathon

We are pleased to continue to offer participants the 2-Person Relay option. In this event, participants will each complete half of the half-marathon course. Runner #1 will start the event and run the first portion until they reach the Relay Exchange Zone, where they will meet Runner #2. From then on, Runner #2 will complete the second half of the course.

The relay exchange zone is located on Portage Avenue (just across the footbridge), a short walk from our Start/Finish line. We will also have a designated area close to the finish line where Runner #1 can wait for Runner #2, so they can cross the finish line together and receive a genuinely unique finishers medal that breaks apart, and each participant gets to take home half.

This is a great option for those who do not want to complete the entire half-marathon distance or who want to participate with a friend.

We are often asked if a participant can register for the relay and half marathon events. We have many participants who register for both events each year. In this case, Runner #1 would complete the first leg of the Relay, where they will meet Runner #2 at the Relay Exchange Zone. Runner #2 will complete the second leg of the relay, and Runner #1 would also continue to finish the entire Half Marathon distance. At the finish line, Runner #1 will receive a Relay medal and a Half Marathon medal.


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