WPS Half Marathon

The course is not always closed to the exclusive use of race participants.

Follow the signage on the course. Review the course description prior to race day to ensure you know where you are going, especially if you are going to be a top 20 finisher or a 4 hour walker.

If you fall behind the closing vehicle, you must move off the course onto the sidewalk. We will wait for you at the finish line and cheer you in, but our race permits allowing participants to be on the streets have a 4 hour time limit.

In some situations vehicles will likely get onto the race course even with the best efforts of our volunteers. Be cautious as well as courteous.

In some areas, our course blocks in side streets from both ends so drivers will need to cross the race course in order to get in or out. Please be courteous as we are running in their neighbourhood.

If you choose to run with an electronic device, please ensure the volume is not so loud that you cannot hear instructions from marshals or volunteers. The onus is on the runner to be alert and aware of running conditions and potential hazards at all times.

Feel free to drop litter/wrappers at the designated aid station areas. We have wonderful volunteers who will clean up these areas. Please DO NOT litter between aid stations or you will be DISQUALIFIED.

Please remember that everyone involved in this race are volunteers and are working hard to provide you with a positive race day experience. We value every volunteer as this event would not happen without them. Any mistreatment of any volunteer will result in the runner being DISQUALIFIED.

This is a fun run, please help us keep it that way.

Most importantly, take the time to smile and thank a volunteer. Everyone involved in this race is one!

Run safe and have fun!

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