WPS Half Marathon

The Running Room is kind enough to supply our race with pace bunnies. Every attempt will be made to have pace bunnies for numerous time goals. Keep an eye out for the ears and the sign indicating the projected finish time and feel free to join in with a group of runners who have the same goal as yourself.

Remember pace bunnies are volunteers as well. They will make every effort to get you to the finish line in the projected time, or close to it; however, it is still up to you.

In the event there is not a pace bunny running at your goal time, then this is the opportunity to get to know your fellow runners. The person running next to you may give you the extra boost or words of encouragement to reach your personal goal.

PLEASE NOTE: For all participants who choose to run with a pace group.

Because pace bunnies will usually follow the 10 and 1 (10 minutes of running followed by a 1 minute walk) it is imperative that you are aware of other participants during scheduled walk breaks. Please be curtious to other participants who do not follow this format and move off to the side during walk breaks. Portions of our course can be quite narrow and it is difficult for people to pass when there is suddenly a 'wall of walkers' in front of them spread out across the road. It can also be a safety concern if one participant is running at a fast speed and another comes to a stop in front of them. We want everyone to enjoy their day and have a great race - a little curtosey can go a long way for your own enjoyment and the enjoyment of others around you.

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