WPS Half Marathon

We continue to allow race bib transfers between participants for all our events.

All bib transfers take place at RACE KIT PICK-UP ONLY.

The process for all transfers is as follows:

The buyer (new runner) will be required to attend Race Kit Pick-Up with confirmation from the seller (original runner) of the sale. Confirmation can be either an email or text from the registered runner granting permission to transfer their bib to the new runner. Ideally, this will include the registration receipt.

Once we see the confirmation, we will arrange the transfer and make all the necessary changes. THERE WILL BE A $20 TRANSFER FEE PAYABLE AT KIT PICK-UP AT THE TIME OF TRANSFER. The new participant must sign a waiver at the transfer time.

It is the sole responsibility of the seller and buyer to arrange any financial transfer that occurs in buying/selling bibs. Our team will simply facilitate the transfer of data, obtain a signed waiver and ensure the correct name appears on the results.

Finisher shirt - situations may occur where the person purchasing a bib is a different shirt size than the original participant. Initially, you will receive the shirt size ordered at the registration time. We do this to ensure that every registered participant receives the correct size shirt they ordered. If you require a different shirt size, we will do our best to accommodate you; however, we cannot do this until race day. Please come see us at the merchandise area where we will have all remaining finishers' shirts, and we will gladly exchange them for a different size. We cannot guarantee that we will have the size you want; however, it is not an issue in most cases.

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