WPS Half Marathon

Available May 5, 20204

November 2023

Message from Race Director 

It is hard to believe we are about to achieve a huge milestone - May 5, 2024 marks the 20th Anniversary of the WPS Half Marathon!!!

When we were planning the first WPS Half Marathon 20 years ago, we thought it would be a one-time fundraising event for the Canadian Cancer Society. Little did we know, we would still be going strong 20 years later. Many of the original race committee members, who were part of our team the first year, are still here 20 years later. Many of us have children who grew up with this event and are now involved as adults. We have lost some committee members over the years and have added new faces along the way; however, there has always been a core group of committee members and volunteers who show up year after year.

What keeps this race going? The answer is very simple - THE SPIRIT OF RACE DAY! No matter what happens behind the scenes in the weeks and months leading up to each event, all is forgotten once the sirens go off and participants hit the course. The energy of race day is undeniable. The stories we hear from participants and volunteers stay with us. Each year, our race family grows.

To date, we have raised over 2.7 million dollars for the Canadian Cancer Society. We felt it was important to us, as well as those who donate, to know exactly where our donation dollars are going. This is why we have worked directly with the Canadian Cancer Society to find research projects where we can direct all donation dollars. We also search for projects where dollar matching is an option to make our donation dollars stretch even further. We have met with the doctors involved in these projects and receive updates on clinical trials. None of this is possible without the participants who register and the volunteers who show up to make this event happen.

It is our hope that you will join us for the 20th Anniversary of the WPS Half Marathon. As a thank-you we will have some 'extras' for participants who register this year. If you have run with us before, we hope you will return for year 20. If you have never taken part in this event, we hope you will join us and become a member of our ever-growing race family.

See you at the Finish Line

Nick Paulet, Race Director
And your WPS Half Marathon Race Team

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