WPS Half Marathon

Once again, the WPS Half Marathon is pleased to offer the 2-person relay portion to our race. Should you feel that you are not quite ready to run the entire 1/2 marathon, or wish to run or walk a portion of the event, the RELAY is just for you. 

The relay consists of 2 runners/walkers. Each person will complete one portion of the event. When registering, the person who registers as Runner/Walker #1, will complete the first portion of the run and will start the race, the person registered as Runner/Walker #2 will complete the second portion of the event. Runner/Walker #2 will wait for their partner in a specially designated area called the Relay Exchange Zone which is located at roughly the half way portion of the race. It is there that you will meet and Runner/Walker #2 will finish the second portion of the race. We will also have an area sectioned off close to the finish line where runners/walkers can meet prior to crossing the finish line so you can cross together to celebrate your accomplishment. Once you cross the finish line, you will receive a very unique medal that breaks apart so you each have a piece to share!