WPS Half Marathon

There's numerous ways to get involved in the Winnipeg Police Service Half Marathon. Use the links below to view full details on how to register and for details on pledges.


Yes! We do allow bib transfers. If you wish to give your bib to someone else or if you choose to sell your spot we will allow bib transfers. We understand that plans change or injuries occur. If you have a bib and wish to sell it to another runner wishing to enter our event, the onus is on you to make arrangements for the sale. Consider posting on our Facebook site or Tweet under our hashtag - as well as other free forums and sites where ads can be posted.

Now what? Transfers do not take place until race kit pick-up. All the person needs who is purchasing the bib is a copy of a letter or email from the person they bought the bib from confirming the sale. Our volunteers will need a copy of that before handing out the race kit. There is a race transfer fee of $20.00 that is payable at race kit pick-up. We will change all information to the new runner so correct names will show in the results. A waiver will also need to be signed by the new runner. Again, nothing needs to be done until race kit pick-up.

Should the new participant be a different shirt size than the one selected by the original runner, we will do our best to accomodate you. All shirts are ordered based on the sizes selected when people register. However, in years past we normally have some excess shirts available for exchange. When the new runner picks up the race kit they will initially be given the shirt size that was originally chosen. We do not do any shirt exchanges until race day to ensure that each participant gets the shirt size they ordered. Simply bring your shirt to the Merchandise Tent (located at the entrance to the Breakfast Tent) either before the race or after and our volunteers will gladly exchange it for you. While there are no garuntees that the size you want will be available, we will do our best and have had few problems throughout the years.