WPS Half Marathon

Where is the race located?

Our race is located in Assiniboine Park in St. James located off Portage Avenue and Overdale. In previous years we have been located in the green space area on the north side of the foot bridge, but because we have grown so quickly we are now moving to the SOUTH of the foot bridge. Just look for the big white tents that are erected the night before the race – we are hard to miss! Special announcements regarding our start area will be updated on this website.

What times does the race start?

7:55 a.m. - Wheelchairs/Physically Challenged Start.

8:00 am - Half Marathon and 2-Person Relay

8:10 a.m. - Start of the 5k Event

Is there race day kit pick-up?

No, we do not have race day pick up. If you haven’t picked up your race kit on the dates provided, sorry, we cannot help you race morning.  If you are unable to attend Race Kit Pick-Up, you can have someone else pick up your kit for you.


Yes! We do allow bib transfers. If you wish to give your bib to someone else or if you choose to sell your spot we will allow bib transfers.  We understand that plans change or injuries occur.  If you have a bib and wish to sell it to another runner wishing to enter our event, the onus is on you to make arrangements for the sale. Consider posting on our Facebook site or Tweet under our hashtag - as well as other free forums and sites where ads can be posted.

Now what?  Transfers do not take place until race kit pick-up.  All the person needs who is purchasing the bib is a copy of a letter or email from the person they bought the bib from confirming the sale.  Our volunteers will need a copy of that before handing out the race kit.  There is a race transfer fee of $20.00 that is payable at race kit pick-up.  We will change all information to the new runner so correct names will show in the results.  A waiver will also need to be signed by the new runner.  Again, nothing needs to be done until race kit pick-up.

Should the new participant be a different shirt size than the one selected by the original runner, we will do our best to accomodate you.  All shirts are ordered based on the sizes selected when people register.  However, in years past we normally have some excess shirts available for exchange.  When the new runner picks up the race kit they will initially be given the shirt size that was originally chosen.  We do not do any shirt exchanges until race day to ensure that each participant gets the shirt size they ordered.  Simply bring your shirt to the Merchandise Tent (located at the entrance to the Breakfast Tent) either before the race or after and our volunteers will gladly exchange it for you.  While there are no garuntees that the size you want will be available, we will do our best and have had few problems throughout the years.

Where can we park?

We suggest you part in the Zoo Parking lot located inside Assiniboine Park for easy access in and out of the park. Another option is to park on the side streets north of Portage Avenue across the street from the park. Please keep an eye out for no parking and road closure signs.

What is typical race day weather?

We have learned over the years that there is nothing typical about running in the spring in Winnipeg. Our first year, we woke up to snow and ice on the ground. Our 2nd and 3rd year we enjoyed mild, sunny spring conditions.  In 2011, we had moments when we feared the race would be cancelled because of blizzard conditions two days prior. Our Race Director even rented a Bob Cat to clear snow off the course 36 hours before the race started and some runners were unable to travel due to severe road conditions. Anything can happen. We ask that runners plan accordingly and take advantage of our ‘dry clothing tent’. Be prepared for anything but hope Mother Nature smiles on us on race day.

Where do I store my dry clothing?

We have a tent designated solely for dry clothing. It will be marked as such. One of our friendly volunteers will gladly look after your bag while you are running. We ask that you mark your bag clearly with your name and bib number. Please don’t wait till the last minute to drop it off as line ups tend to occur right before race start.

Do you allow participants to run with headphones (ie. IPods, MP3 players)?

Yes, at this time we do allow electronic devices on the course. If you want to run with music you are more than welcome to. However, we do ask that you take extra care and be aware of your surroundings and volunteers on the course giving instructions. With your co-operation, we can continue to allow electronic devices. We do take great pride in making our course enjoyable for all runners. We provide entertainment on the course such as Japanese drummers and the WPS Pipe Band, not to mention cheering spectators, volunteers and your fellow runners – you may miss out with headphones on your ears.

What is the course elevation?

We live in the prairies so our course is relatively flat. You can expect slight elevations throughout the course on road overpasses.

What type of running surfaces can I expect?

We try to ensure that you are running on smooth surfaces throughout our events. You can expect a combination of roadways and bike paths through the park. In some sections of bike paths there is wear and tear so please take extra care. Also, should the weather become a factor, be prepared for snow and ice.

Is the course certified?

Yes, we are happy to announce that our course is now certified!

Will there be finish line photos?

Yes, our official race photographer's site is found at www.marathonfoto.com

Can I run/walk with my child in a stroller or chariot?

We welcome everyone. If you normally run with your child in a stroller or chariot we would love to have them involved as well. After all, they will likely be future runners in our event. Out of courtesy for other participants we ask that you line up at the back at the start line so runners are not forced to try to pass.

Can I run with my dog?

We all love pets, but sorry, we cannot allow animals on the course due to the dangers it may cause other runners.

How long is the course open?

The course is officially open from 8:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. We welcome all participants to our race, including walkers! It is very important to us that everyone who registers in our event crosses the finish line.

Can I walk the course?

Of course! We encourage walkers to take part in our event! Completing a Half Marathon or Relay is an accomplishment regardless if you walk or run it! We keep our course open long enough to accommodate walkers.

How is the course marked?

The course is marked in both kilometres and miles.

What type of timing is used?

Champion Chip timing by Results Canada is used for our race. Results will be posted on this Web site as well as the Results Canada Web site. Results will be posted on race day in a designated area as they are produced.

What is served at aid stations?

You will find ample amounts of Gatorade and Water at all of our aid stations, as well as ample smiles from all our friendly volunteers. Keep in mind that we have lots of food and hot pancakes waiting for you at the finish line!

Where can my family watch?

We work very hard to make our event as spectator friendly as possible. The best place to watch the race is from our Start/Finish area. You can cheer your runner on as they start off. This is also the ½ way point of our event so it is an easy walk over the foot bridge to Portage Avenue to cheer. We have bleachers set up at the finish line to give your family a view of your finish.

Do I get a medal?

Everyone who crosses our finish line receives a finisher’s medal. You have earned it! This includes relay runners as well who receive a specially designed medal that breaks-away so you each have a piece to share.

Can spectators eat at the pancake breakfast?

Of course! We will have enough food on hand to feed everyone! We do ask spectators to make a small donation for their breakfast. We will have a donation box located at the entrance to the food tent. Suggested donation amount is $5. All proceeds go directly to the Canadian Cancer Society. It is good food and a great cause so everyone wins!

Can I buy race merchandise on race day?

Yes, we have a designated merchandise tent. Everything you saw at race kit pick-up that you wished you had bought will be available on race day, if we haven’t sold out of course. We will accept cash, personal cheque, Visa, MasterCard and Debit.

Can I drop off pledges or donations on race day?

We never turn away people dropping off pledges. The Canadian Cancer Society will be available on race day for pledge drop off. They will be located in the Merchandise tent as well.

Where does the money go?

All funds raised go directly to the Manitoba Division of the Canadian Cancer Society.

Is there going to be a ‘surprise gift’ for runners at the finish line?

Everyone loves a surprise – and we love seeing your faces when you get an extra gift after you receive your medal! The ‘surprise gift’ tradition is not going to end any time soon.

Who are the people wearing yellow shirts handing out medals at the finish line?

These are the people we do this for. The volunteers in yellow are cancer survivors and in some case, currently fighting their own battle. They are so committed to our cause that one volunteer had a chemo treatment the day prior to our event and STILL showed up the next day to hand out medals! Remember any pain you feel on the race course is nothing compared to what they have each endured. I would say to give them each a hug when you cross the finish line but I’m sure they would not be impressed getting hugs from hundreds of sweaty runners – so, be sure to give them a big smile and thank you.